• On May 29th, Di-Hydro project coordinator CERTH has carried out a technical visit to PPC’s Pournari I plant, located at Arta, Greece. The visit focused on discussing with the plant’s technical staff about the Di-Hydro project. Moreover, discussions also included potential pilot activities that the project can carry out in Pournari plant within the project’s framework. […]

  • Author: Dr. Jovana Milenkovic – Head of Project Management Dpt., ATLANTIS Engineering In Di-Hydro, one of the main objectives is to harness digital resources, such as AI and predictive algorithms, to support hydropower plants monitor their infrastructure health conditions, as well as schedule necessary maintenance which at times include the closure of the plant. To […]

  • Author: Alkiviadis Tromaras (CERTH) On May 9th, 2024, the Di-Hydro Coordinator CERTH and partner ATLANTIS have carried out a technical visit to PPC’s Thissavros plant. Together with the Thisavros Plant Manager and Di-Hydro Partner PPC, the visit focused on discussing with the plant director the objectives of the Di-Hydro project and the activities that will […]

  • Join Di-Hydro and other projects on hydropower and technology at the ETIP HYDROPOWER Webinar “Boosting Hydropower: best practices for Research“ on May 21st, 2024, from 13.30 to 15.00 CET. The webinar will be held online and will host experts in technology, hydropower energy, and digitalisation from different EU-funded projects, such as D-HYDROFLEX and iAMP_Hydro. D-HYDROFLEX […]

  • Nowadays, hydropower stands as one of the cornerstones of renewable energy, harnessing the natural force of water to generate electricity. However, in an era marked by technological advancement and environmental consciousness, the traditional image of hydropower is undergoing a profound transformation. Enter the Di-Hydro project, an initiative funded by the EU Horizon Europe programme, aiming […]

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